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Why Go With A Traditional Publisher?

Today I play devil’s advocate. Meredith and I are big fans of indie-publishing, or self-publishing, for lots of writers under lots of circumstances. But since we let the case for self-publishing be made in good style by guest bloggers Kaitlyn Davis and Aaron Pogue, we need to speak for traditional publishing now. I’ll address points […]

Celebrate Chinese New Year’s with a Free Book

The Red Hot Empress is free, it’s yours and it’s red all over. It’s our gift to you from Saturday, January 25, through Tuesday, January 28. Join us in a spirit of joy and prosperity! Kick back and Celebrate Chinese New Year’s a little early with Meredith Blevins’ book of magic, wild eccentrics, and one boy’s […]

Our Joint Baby Book, Out of the Nest

Meredith and I just sent our 35th book to our editor. It is finished, fini, that’s all she (we) wrote. It’s the second that we’ve, entirely, written together. Macmillan (TOR Books) will publish it next January. An emotional moment for us, pushing that SEND key. So, it’s out of the nest, good-bye baby book. Do […]

Self-Publishing. The Challenge, The Rewards.

     For years writers who are launching into the book world have been speaking up about why they want to go the route of self-publishing, or indie publishing.  Below, a young writer with some real success, Kaitlyn Davis, tells us why she self-publishes.  Her reasons are a good representation of the market.  Next week I’ll play […]

The One Thing You Can Count On

  A lot of writers would like to get their first book published by a New York house.  There is good reason for that.  It stamps your ticket.  It makes you feel as if you’re on the playing field with the big boys.  When your spine reads Macmillan, or any of the other big houses, […]

Yes, You Do Need An Editor

  You want to publish your book on Kindle and its brethren.  Meredith and I see a blizzard of digital books, and many are a mess.  More than 25,000 books are being published each week, and, yes, that’s definitely a blizzard.  Each snowflake is said to be unique and beautiful.  But yours is just one […]

Aaron Pogue, an Indie Publishing Success Story

    We’re kicking off our series on self-publishing with a guest post from Aaron Pogue, author of the Amazon best-selling fantasy novel TAMING FIRE. His success is particularly remarkable since he got his master’s degree in Professional Writing from the University of Oklahoma only in May, 2012. Because he took only a course in […]