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What if? Friday. How to Start Your Book.

We’re starting March out right. We’re going to give you a series of helpful cues each week. It’s called WHAT IF? Friday. We could call them exercises, but that word sounds like work. Call these jumper cables for your writing, or Kiwi juice for your imagination – we’d prefer that.

Your first WHAT IF? is about beginnings. The beginnings of stories, to be exact. Here are the tools. Now, let your imagination off the leash!
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Writers, Do You Need a Website? Here are the Facts.

You are a writer. Do you need a website? Well … Do you want to sell books? Have a great time with your readers? Then, yes, you need a website. Don’t be scared! We’ll walk you through options and some easy tricks and tips. What’s up next for our friends, writing crazily? Find out!

The Reason NOT to Market Your Book

Read on for the real-deal about social marketing …You have weighed the pros and cons of self-publishing versus traditional publishing and you’ve taken the leap. Congratulations! Now you just sit back and wait while folks beat down doors to grab your book. Not happening? We’re here to help change that.

Mark Twain’s Dare

    “The difference between the right word and the almost-right word is the difference between the lightning and the lightning bug.”  — Mark Twain

Three Big Publishing Secrets and Surprises

  Our current wrap-up on print versus indie publishing will hold some surprises, and every element is important in your decision-making process.  So, listen up, and read the entire blog, plus the past blogs, before you make up your mind about which path to choose. Stay with us.  We’ll continue to chime in on this […]

Are You A Natural-Born Surgeon?

Some years ago, at a party, a neuro-surgeon and I were chatting. He eventually got around to saying with a self-confident smile, “You know, Win, I think I have a book in me.” I was dumbstruck. Like most of us, I thought of the perfect rejoinder only the next day. “Yeah, Larry, and I think […]

Why You DO Want Indie Publishing

You want to jump right in and get your books in front of an audience. You want readers, and the excitement of a career doing what you love most. You want to be noticed, and admired. Here’s an exciting list of why you should dive into the digital river and let it sweep you along. […]