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Writers! Dump the Virgin, Toss the Whore

Let me tell you a story. When I was an undergrad, I took a class in the writing of poetry from John G. Neihardt, best known as the author of BLACK ELK SPEAKS. Though we agreed on almost nothing, I thought he was a marvelous man, and he gave me a great gift that day.  […]

Create Dynamic Characters ~ Interview Them

Interview people who don’t exist? Yes. Interview people who have been dead for a hundred years? Right. Interview people who won’t be born for another five hundred years, and then will have beakers and test tubes for parents? Exactly.

You’ll be knocked down by what you find out. Especially if you obey the first rule of interviewing—keep your mouth shut.

Just a Few More Hours!

  Just a few more hours to receive this award-winning fantasy free. A re-telling of a Cherokee myth, steeped in the mists of time, it will take you down an extraordinary path. Click Here: And Enjoy! Best — meredith and win

You Are A Writer. We Are Your Toolbox

  Are you nurturing your writing dreams? What are you waiting for? Oh.  Wait… Before we go on, we have a free book for you.  It is a wonder, and here it is, 4/5 – 4/7. ZADAYI RED – click here to get it! Why the Pro Writers Toolbox? With 40 published books and fifteen […]