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Are you nurturing your writing dreams?

What are you waiting for?

Oh.  Wait…

Before we go on, we have a free book for you.  It is a wonder, and here it is, 4/5 – 4/7.

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Why the Pro Writers Toolbox?

With 40 published books and fifteen years of editing experience at NY Houses, you can count on us to:

  • Supercharge your imagination.
  • Help you find the right connections.
  • Shepherd you through creating your stories, both genre and indie-published, plus screenplays.
  • Take on a few select book projects
  • Provide phone consultations.

Professional Editing and Phone Consultations on a Select Basis

* With a combined forty books published, and fifteen years of experience working for a major NY House, we are dedicated to giving you the truth, all of it, about the writing business.

* We encourage you, with the right tools, to build the book that you envision. Your story is your baby, and we delight in being the midwife to your idea. (This is not about copyediting. You can find a secretary to do that.)


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