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A New Year WHAT IF? Find the Beginning of Your Book in the Middle.

We often says to students, “Where do you start you story? With this, The trouble started on Wednesday.”  Begin your story on Wednesday, not on Sunday. Sunday is back story. (Be bold.  Begin with dialog, if that feels right.) When we edit manuscripts, we often see the first pages rambling around the block, shuffling their […]

Avoid an Outhouse Called the Slushpile

Several times each week a would-be writer comes to me with this complaint: ‘I’ve spent two years (or one year or three years) sending my book to agents, publishers, or producers, AND I’M GETTING ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE. I GET A FORM REJECTION. OR NO ANSWER AT ALL. I’M SICK OF IT.’

I’m tired of it, too. Where does their writing land? Simple. It’s called the slush pile. Every agent, editor, and producer has one, a stack of manuscripts in a corner, about to topple, waiting to be read. Here’s a promise—they’re not going to get read. What to do to make sure your work is read? Read on.