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Why write a series? Easy. You get to know the characters better as each sentence, page, chapter, and book is written. There are few false moves, and the dialog sounds authentic.


As readers, sometimes it’s hard to put a back down, and we’re sorry when it’s over. We miss the people who live inside those pages. It’s just as hard to let go for writers. You’ve created a world, and then it takes on a life of its own. That world is a vacation with unexpected twists. A relief from the ordinary.

Our own series include Annie Szabo, The Rendezvous Series, Wild Rivers West, Mountain Man Classics, American Dreamers, Cherokee Mists, and Mysteries from Navajoland.

Annie Szabo

“If you don’t fall in love with the Szabos, you don’t have hormones.” Kirkus

This series exploded onto the mystery scene. Library Journal named the first two books among the best five mysteries of the year.  Annie married into a Gypsy family, the Szabos, who are psychics, nuts, scammers, wizards, and fountains of wisdom. Life around them is fun, dangerous, and exhilarating.

Watch for new titles. Book four is steaming ahead.

The Rendezvous Series

“Win Blevins has long since won his place among the West’s very best.”  Tony Hillerman

Win describes these books as one huge story in six volumes. Starting as a youth eager for adventures, Sam discovers the love of a woman, has a daughter, and finds a life-long comrade in exploration. He learns by experience the heartaches, struggles, and triumphs of life among the Indians of the Rocky Mountains. In the end his challenge is to find a true home for his mixed-blood family. On the way to California, ever the focus of American Dreamers, he must do battle with the deadliest foe of his life.

The first title of this series, So Wild a Dream, won the 2004 Spur award for the best Novel of the West, along with plenty of accolades from the trades and readers.

Wild Rivers West Series

“When you jump into one of Win Blevins’s novels, you’ll jump bareback on a half-broke Indian cayuse, the wind whipping across your face, as you are carried to distant places, without stop, until the last page.” – Terry Johnston

Each saga is set in a West that churned and breathed before the time of the frontier. A time when a few hundred white men sought to make a home among tens of thousands of Indians. A time left out of time when anything was possible, and individuals could carve their dreams.

The Mountain Man Classics

Win, an world-renown expert on the mountain man era, has written new introductions to books and journals, written or told, by the mountain men themselves. Hear these wild adventurers’ stories in their own voices. Many have been out of print for decades, or sold to and by collectors for very high prices. Now you can enjoy them in your own library, or give them as a special gift, at a realistic price.

The Cherokee Mists
Must-have Stand Alones

Great to own, beautiful gifts.