Mountain Man Books

Classic-of-the-Fur-Trade-NELet history speak for itself. That was my simple idea for the Mountain Man Classics series.

Like other westering people, the trappers of the Rocky Mountains kept journals, wrote books, and told their stories to writers eager to record them. Why not let these daring men speak in their own voices? So I set out to reprint some of those early books, especially the ones long out of print:

Journal of a Mountain Man, by James Clyman. His own account of his years with Jedediah Smith, Tom Fitzpatrick, and other the early explorers.

River of the West, by Frances Full Victor—Joe Meek’s own story of his mountain years.

Personal Narrative of James O. Pattie, by James Ohio Pattie and Timothy Flint. Pattie’s own story of his early expedition to the Southwest.

Edward Warren, by Sir William Drummond Stewart. A British lord’s tales of his travels with the mountain men.

Read and step into a past that it is hard for us, so civilized and used to comfort, to imagine.  Read and hear the voices of those who followed their dreams, as crazy as others often thought they were.  The very best kind of dreams!