Your Creative Writing Checklist

Sometimes I read analyses of creativity. My experience is that they don’t help people be creative.

Reading Masters and Johnson is informative about sex. It will not give you an experience of an ecstatic act of love. Studying diagrams of waltz movements tells us what steps we should take. It doesn’t give us the feeling of a lovely dance. Reading instructions about improving you golf swing will not give you fine feeling of a good drive.

Here’s a checklist to give your creative writing wings.

You Are A Writer. We Are Your Toolbox

  Are you nurturing your writing dreams? What are you waiting for? Oh.  Wait… Before we go on, we have a free book for you.  It is a wonder, and here it is, 4/5 – 4/7. ZADAYI RED – click here to get it! Why the Pro Writers Toolbox? With 40 published books and fifteen […]

SEO: Ten Little-Known Tips to Increase Book Sales

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When you post a blog, or add to your website, you want to optimize your content so that Google, and other search engines, can find you – that’s what SEO is about. Here are simple tips that we’ve learned from experience and a few of The Big Boys.
We’ll walk you through them – no problem. Let’s sell those books!

Are You A Natural-Born Surgeon?

Some years ago, at a party, a neuro-surgeon and I were chatting. He eventually got around to saying with a self-confident smile, “You know, Win, I think I have a book in me.” I was dumbstruck. Like most of us, I thought of the perfect rejoinder only the next day. “Yeah, Larry, and I think […]

Why You DO Want Indie Publishing

You want to jump right in and get your books in front of an audience. You want readers, and the excitement of a career doing what you love most. You want to be noticed, and admired. Here’s an exciting list of why you should dive into the digital river and let it sweep you along. […]

Self-Publishing. The Challenge, The Rewards.

     For years writers who are launching into the book world have been speaking up about why they want to go the route of self-publishing, or indie publishing.  Below, a young writer with some real success, Kaitlyn Davis, tells us why she self-publishes.  Her reasons are a good representation of the market.  Next week I’ll play […]

The One Thing You Can Count On

  A lot of writers would like to get their first book published by a New York house.  There is good reason for that.  It stamps your ticket.  It makes you feel as if you’re on the playing field with the big boys.  When your spine reads Macmillan, or any of the other big houses, […]

The E-Book Tempest — At Home on a Sea of Words

  Readers say they’re afraid the book is disappearing. Writers are going nuts trying to figure out what to write and how to publish it. Both have gone flibber-flabber. I wear a T-shirt that can bring all the solace of assured truth. It says, MEMBER OF THE WORLD’S OLDEST PROFESSION… STORYTELLER. What we need is […]

It’s Easy to Make Sense of Change

 “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance.” –Alan Watts ENJOY THE NEW PUBLISHING DANCE! — Meredith and Win