Writers! Dump the Virgin, Toss the Whore

Let me tell you a story. When I was an undergrad, I took a class in the writing of poetry from John G. Neihardt, best known as the author of BLACK ELK SPEAKS. Though we agreed on almost nothing, I thought he was a marvelous man, and he gave me a great gift that day.  […]

Create Dynamic Characters ~ Interview Them

Interview people who don’t exist? Yes. Interview people who have been dead for a hundred years? Right. Interview people who won’t be born for another five hundred years, and then will have beakers and test tubes for parents? Exactly.

You’ll be knocked down by what you find out. Especially if you obey the first rule of interviewing—keep your mouth shut.

The E-Book Tempest — At Home on a Sea of Words

  Readers say they’re afraid the book is disappearing. Writers are going nuts trying to figure out what to write and how to publish it. Both have gone flibber-flabber. I wear a T-shirt that can bring all the solace of assured truth. It says, MEMBER OF THE WORLD’S OLDEST PROFESSION… STORYTELLER. What we need is […]

Stop! The Last Five Steps Before Manuscript Submission


Okay, you’ve gone to the mat with your manuscript for months or years, and you’ve finally won the match with yourself. Your book gleams like a Rolls Royce. You’re throbbing with desire to submit it.

STOP! It needs more work.
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