Writers’ Services


Let us connect you to the writing services you need to make your writing dreams a reality. On a limited basis, we will offer individual services to writers. They can range from the small to large, and will be priced accordingly.

We will:

  • Help a writer develop a pitch for a book, whether the quick, verbal pitch, the formal one-page letter, or to prepare for a conference where you will meet agents/editors.
  • Provide writer’s therapy.
  • Read the first fifty pages of a book and give suggestions for continuation  and improvement.
  • Create covers for books.
  • Help writers develop formal proposals for non-fiction books, including marketing ideas, sample chapters, the audience, and comparables.
  • Help writers get blurbs and develop marketing strategies for books.
  • Edit entire manuscripts as a senior at a major publishing house would, make written suggestions, and discuss matters of tone, character, story, etc. This will be conducted via e-mail and/or phone.

Contact us regarding the above service: [email protected]