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Welcome to the ProWriters Toolbox

We’re going to help you write stories.  Your stories.  Books bold with characters that are quirky, because even the straightest person is.  Settings that spark a reader’s senses. Stories that call to their hopes, fears, memories, and wishes. 

Writing is empowering. It transforms you. It changes how you feel as you walk through the world. 

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We’ll teach you the how-to and the secrets of many genres.  We can map these roads for you because we’ve walked them ourselves by writing and publishing in every genre we teach.

Our experience includes the memoir, mystery and suspense, historical fiction, action and adventure, fantasy, travel, romance, the mainstream novel, creative non-fiction, screenplays, and business writing.

Our flagship class applies to every genre and is a must if you want to make your writing dreams a reality.  On a limited basis, we offer our students personal phone calls of encouragement. 

Our guarantee to you: We’ve been wherever we ask you to go.  This includes help getting past whatever’s holding you back  (we’ve been there) and searching for ways to make your writing sing and dance (we’ve been there, too). We offer solid advice and kind support.  We’ve been in the place where critics have made us feel worthless, and we’ve learned to leave that in the dust.  With our simple exercises, you can do the same.

Why Choose Us?

We have published with large New York houses, major magazines and newspapers, won a lot of awards, and have garnered praise from the likes of Tony Hillerman, Sue Grafton, Jonathan Kellerman, and Dee Brown.  Win was a Macmillan editor for fifteen years.  Meredith has gotten starred reviews in all four trade publications and numerous travel-writing awards. We’re both NYTimes best-selling authors and Amazon bestsellers.  We understand the writing world, and we want to pass along what we’ve learned to you. 

Sign-up now, and be the first to know when classes begin.  As a bonus, you may get the opportunity to receive several personal phone consultations. (Write and tell us what your goals are.)

Your compassionate writing mentors welcome you to ProWriters Toolbox!

If you’re ready to receive tools, creative support and solid guidance, we’re here for you.  You choose the date and time that works for you.

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