Welcome to ProWriters Toolbox!

We’re going to help you write stories.  Your stories. Books bold with characters that are quirky, because even the straightest character is. Settings that call forth a reader’s senses.  Their memories, hopes, fears, and wishes. Yes, and non-fiction that reads like a runaway bestseller. 

We’re Here For You.  We Will:

  • Help you develop a pitch for a book, whether the quick, verbal pitch, the formal one-page letter, or to prepare for a conference where you will meet agents/editors.
  • Provide writer’s therapy.
  • Read the first fifty pages of a book and give suggestions for continuation  and improvement.
  • Refer you to terrific, and affordable, cover artists.
  • Help writers develop formal proposals for non-fiction books, including marketing ideas, sample chapters, the audience, and comparables.
  • Help writers get blurbs and develop marketing strategies for books.
  • Edit entire manuscripts as a senior at a major publishing house would, make written suggestions, and discuss matters of tone, character, story, etc. This will be conducted via e-mail and phone.

Why Choose Us? 

We have published over forty books, garnered praise from the likes of Tony Hillerman, Jonathan Kellerman, and Dee Brown. Win was a Macmillan editor for fifteen years, shepherding award-winning authors’ books.  Meredith has received starred reviews in all four trade publications.  Both are NY Times Bestselling authors, and Amazon bestsellers.  Meredith has won numerous travel writing awards.  To meet Win, visit his Wikipedia page.

Our Services Will Make Your Writing Dreams A Reality.

On a limited basis, we offer individual services to writers. This ranges from small to large projects, and will be priced accordingly. Stay tuned!  Online writing courses are in the works.

In the meantime, we encourage you to say Yes, Yes, Yes to every writing idea that comes along, and let your horses ride!

Feel free to contact us: [email protected]