Moonlight Water

Creating a new life, from Rock music star and San Francisco to the Navajo Nation

A rock star finds adventure, love, music, healing, and life in Win Blevins and Meredith Blevins’ Moonlight Water.

Robbie, a San Francisco area musician, half burned out on his career, is blind-sided by his wife’s miscarriage and a painful divorce. Devastated, he has a visionary experience which tantalizes him with the possibility of an entirely new life.

He sets out to wander America by car to find what his money couldn’t buy. Robbie stumbles upon his new life in an unlikely place, among the Navajos. There, he falls in love with a ranger and helps her track down looters that are threatening area artifacts, becomes welcomed into the community, and finds the most valuable artifact of all…himself.

In all, Moonlight Water is the story of the redemption of a shipwrecked life through challenge, courage, and love.

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“After a burned-out rock star trashes his old life, he resettles in an unlikely community, hoping the desert air will clear his head. This is the first collaboration by Win Blevins, who’s primarily a historical novelist (Dreams Beneath Your Feet, 2008, etc.) and contemporary novelist Meredith Blevins (The Red Hot Empress, 2005, etc.). Appropriately, it intertwines the former’s deep and abiding interest in Native American culture with his wife’s skills in crafting romance between unlikely companions … a picturesque Southwest setting.” Kirkus Reviews (2014-11-05)

“First-rate book. Win and Meredith are a super couple and fine writers.” Clive Cussler

“The ghosts of Mark Twain, Jack Kerouac, and Joseph Conrad haunt MOONLIGHT WATER, the latest in the long and honorable tradition of road stories, but with 21st century angst laid in. To this, the Blevins writing team has introduced the themes of spiritual awakening, personal redemption, love rekindled–and a thumping good detective story. How they managed to fit all this between two covers, and in such entertaining fashion, is the stuff and substance of great literature.”  Loren D. Estleman

“A quirky and heartfelt story of a lost soul just trying to find some meaning in life. Aren’t we all? The best part is the clear reverence for Navajo wisdom and the vast and wonderful desert from which it is born.” Michael and Kathleen Gear

“Moonlight Water takes the reader on the high road of adventure. Running from the rock & roll of an old life to the edge of the world & beyond. It’s as old as time and as new as tomorrow. Love it.” Gil Bateman, exec at Elektra Records, co-founder, Wyndham Hill Records

“Moonlight Water is an engaging, spellbinding novel of life, love, courage, and redemption.” Liberty Voice

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