Stone Song

An extraordinary Pulitzer-award nominee, this book is the story of Crazy Horse, a Native American visionary and warrior.Winner of the Spur Award and a nominee for the Pulitzer Prize: This classic of the West has been heralded by the Dallas Morning News as “a deeply spiritual story about the soul journey of a great American hero—Crazy Horse, a visionary and mystic warrior.” 

Of all the iconic figures of Native American history, Crazy Horse remains the most mysterious. Ridiculed as a boy for his unusual looks, he grew up to be a man who had no interest in the regalia that his fellow Lakota Sioux warriors coveted.

Yet,  he led his people to their most famous victory: the defeat of General Custer at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

Called to a destiny of monumental significance and tortured by his deeply passionate love of a beautiful woman, Crazy Horse found peace only in battle.

Adorned with his distinctive war paint, streaks of lightning and spots of hail, and accompanied by his spirit guide, Hawk, the chief led his Sioux warriors in many of the frontier’s most famous battles from 1865 to 1876.

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A visionary who drew inspiration from the eternal wisdom of his people, he discovered the means to defeat the US Army at its own deadly game. To this day, he strides across American history as a man who lived—and died—on his own terms.

Author Reviews

“Stone Song is a classic epic, fit to stand beside Frederick Manfred’s Lord Grizzly and A.B. Guthrie’s The Big Sky.” — Kathleen and Michael Gear, bestselling authors of People of the Lakes

“A mighty novel, filled with the adventurous truths of one great man who conquered all but deception.” — Max Evans, author of The Rounders

Professional Reviews

“This novel is a genuine masterpiece. I can’t imagine any book, past, present or future, novel or biography, that can ever approach it in giving the reader a sense of who this mysterious man really was and what he stood for.” — Rocky Mountain News

“One of the most powerful and poetic books written to date. A book that has created a nearly impossible standard for readers to follow, for it touches readers deeply in their souls.” – El Paso Herald

“One of the finest novels to come out of the American West in a long time. It is a spiritual journey as well… A masterpiece.” – Dallas Morning News

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“Stone Song is the only significant work of fiction on the Lakota Sioux since Ruth Beebe Hill’s Hanta Yo.” – Library Journal

“The life of Crazy Horse, the greatest war chief of the Sioux Indian nation, is the subject of this moving and authentically detailed novel from Blevins (Snake River). Widely considered to be the finest Indian cavalry tactician of all time, Crazy Horse spent his adult life waging war against the white man. Taught by his uncle, Buffalo Hump, Crazy Horse eagerly embraced the traditional warrior’s skills, honor and purpose, believing that ‘war was not meant to be cold rage but exhilaration.’

“Adorned with his distinctive war paint, streaks of lightning and spots of hail, and accompanied by his spirit guide, Hawk, the chief led his Sioux warriors in many of the frontier’s most famous battles from 1865 to 1876, including the Battle of Little Bighorn. Crazy Horse and his two loves, Black Buffalo Woman and Black Shawl, tried vainly to maintain their freedom, dignity and pride in the face of white encroachment, but they were finally and ironically overwhelmed by jealousy and betrayal at the hands of Sioux rivals.

“A deeply thoughtful and persuasive tribute, Blevins’s novel offers the compelling story of a man destined for triumph and betrayal, but ultimately for glory.” – Publisher’s Weekly

Reader Reviews

A great fiction book about Crazy Horse and the Sioux nation. If you are into western history as I am, a must read.” – Jennifer Barker

Absolutely a must read. I picked this up at the library having never heard of the author before. The book was so powerful and wonderfully told that I am planning to buy copies for my Mom and Sister-in-Law. The story is engaging and draws the reader into the world of Crazy Horse. (I would buy it for my niece, but she’s a bit too young for some of the situations.)

This is a five star book. It should be on the best-seller list, and if word-of-mouth works, it will be before long. It will definitely become a classic.” — Jeanette Raleigh

This book is a treasure for those who have ever been interested in Native American/Lakota history, notably the life of one of the most legendary heroes, leaders and warriors: Crazy Horse. His enigmatic and charismatic personality is well expressed and we can discover a sensible, committed man behind the icon. What a pleasure to read!” — M. Agnes, Hungary

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Blevins does it again. This is the second book by Win Blevins that I have read, the first being RavenShadow. I liked this one immensely. I found it very difficult to put down once I got into the story. From the beginning, with young Curly, who is determined to have a vision quest, but doesn’t share what he has seen with his family, it hooks you.

“Then it takes you through the various times in his life, never letting you forget the conflict that was going on in the country at that time. Blevins did an interesting job of describing the conflicts between the whites and the Indians. He makes you feel like you were actually there. When he described the ones who hung around the forts, you got the impression that you could actually see them in their blankets, waiting to trade for whiskey.

“…I’m sure he did extensive research before writing this book and to me, it reflects it. I am giving this book five stars. It will make you think and will bring His Crazy Horse (the literal translation of his name), the man, to life.” — Marguerite P. Nico, Allen, Texas USA)

Portrait of a Human Hero — a major achievement. In this superbly crafted fictional biography, Blevins portrays Crazy Horse from many angles: insecure adolescent, faithful friend, courageous warrior and non-committed lover guided by the need to fulfill his vision and remain true to his spirit guide. Always a man apart from the others, Crazy Horse attempts to escape his isolation, although ultimately he has the knowledge that isolation will be his destiny.

“The author convincingly describes life among the Lakota, their many warring factions, their social customs and the impact that the broken promises of the “wasicu” have on their very existence. There is of course no way of knowing if Crazy Horse felt as described in this novel, a problem from which all fiction based on a historical person suffers.

But the beautiful poetic language crafted by Blevins renders his vision thoroughly believable. —Almut, London, England

This book inspired a new path in my life… The characters come richly to life and demand your fervent attention to their lives and predicament.

I saw Crazy Horse in an incredibly human light and it has inspired me to pursue what I believe will be a lifelong study of Native American issues, current and historical. A definite Must Read for those interested in the Oglala Sioux or Native Americans in general!” — A Reader

I just finished reading this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel as though I know, as well as it is possible, who His Crazy Horse was. I came to know him and to understand some of the customs of his people. The characters were all very clearly defined and full. The historical aspect of the book put many battles and events I have heard of in sequence.

This was a book I felt sorry to finish. It is the second of Mr. Blevins’s I have read, the first was RavenShadow, and I truly enjoyed both of them. I will definitely read his others.” — Linda Winn, Wisconsin, USA

Blevins does a great job of blending the spiritual, personal and political struggles of one of the true heroes of history. One of my favorite books – a classic.

I don’t know how to describe how this book affected me…all I can say is that it was very deeply and personally. The story stayed with me for weeks after closing the book, and Crazy Horse now stands in my mind as one of the greatest examples of true integrity and courage. Sorry to all you patriots, but I would’ve fought on his side in a second, regardless of the odds, and been proud of it!” — CCrus, Chicago, Illinois, USA

A Classic Book about a True Hero, this book affected me like few others. I expected a well-written, historical work of fiction on Native Americans – of which I’ve read a few. What I got was a story that followed me around for weeks and beyond. Blevins did an excellent of portraying the internal struggles of Crazy Horse – his desires, his anger, and his spiritual passion as well as his ultimate integrity and bravery. This is the story of one of the greatest men in history – a true hero. Blevins makes you understand why.” — A Satisifed Reader

This was an excellent book! After “Gone With the Wind”, “Stone Song” was the best book I have ever read.” — A Blevins Fan

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