~ The Darkness Rolling

A Navajo Detective protects a hot movies star on a John Ford Western Movie set.

A thrilling, heart-pounding read of family, adventure, romance, and vengeance, The Darkness Rolling is the first in an evocative historical mystery series by award-winning authors Win Blevins and Meredith Blevins.

Upon his return from World War II, Seaman Yazzie Goldman realizes that not much has changed at his family’s trading post in Monument Valley.  Yet, beneath the surface, everything is eerily different.

His grandfather, who is Yazzie’s compass, has suffered a debilitating stroke, and while Yazzie’s mother, Nizhoni, is doing her best, the business and the land is slowly crumbling.

Excitement arrives when famous Hollywood director John Ford starts filming nearby.  Ford hires the tall, strong, half-Navajo and half-Jewish Yazzie as a translator … and as a bodyguard for his star, lusty Linda Darnell … she’s received threatening letters.  As Yazzie investigates, he finds himself falling for the beautiful and talented woman.

But, Yazzie isn’t the only person to recently arrived home.  A man who calls himself ‘Zopilote,’ the Buzzard, has spent the last twenty-five years in jail, steeping himself in the ancient Darkness Rolling, a form of Navajo withcraft.  Revenge consumes him.

The Buzzard burns with rage at the people who put him in jail, Yazzie’s mother and grandfather.  They sealed his fate at Buzzard’s court trial.  While Yazzie is looking out for Ms. Darnell, he is being stalked by Zopilote. A terrifying meeting between Zopilote and Yazzie is just a matter of time.

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“When crime hits the movie business on the Navajo nation in The Darkness Rolling, it takes courage and heart to being pure evil to justice.  Yazzie Goldman has them both.  A stellar first in a new suspense series.” Robert K. Tanenbaum, NYTimes bestselling author

“A thrillingly good novel with exciting twists.  First-rate storytelling.”  Margaret Coel, NY Times bestselling author,  Night of the White Buffalo

“Win and Meredith Blevins have raised the bar for intelligent thrillers with The Darkness Rolling. This novel’s power will stay with me for a long time.”  Donald Bain, Bestselling author of the Murder She Wrote series and the Margaret Truman, Crimes Series.

“Meredith and Win Blevins paint a vivid tapestry draped in color and texture, featuring a Navajo backdrop and lore certain to evoke memories on Tony Hillerman at his best with strong echoes of both Nevada Barr and C.J. Box.  Brilliantly written and wondrously told.”  Jon Land, bestselling author of Strong Darkness

“I ripped right through The Darkness Rolling, and I loved it! Looking forward to a lot more Yazzie!”  Julie Smith, Edgar-award winning author.

Glorious hardcover and great Kindle from Amazon    Yes! Hardcover and Nook from B & N